List of Competent Persons

Provisions Of Factory Act & Gujarat Factory Rules

Section 2 (ca) defines "Competent Person" for the purposes of carrying out tests, examinations and inspections required by the Factories Act. Such person may be an individual person or an institution. Its recognition by the Chief Inspector is necessary. More than one person or institution can be recognised for a factory. Their qualification, experience and facilities for tests shall be considered by the Chief Inspector before recognising them.

'Competent person' may be recognised for the purposes of carrying out tests, examinations, inspections and certification for such buildings, dangerous machinery, hoists and lifts, lifting machines and tackles, pressure plant, confined space, ventilation system and such other process or plant and equipment as stipulated in the Act and the rules made thereunder. The person should be physically fit to carry out such tests etc, and should not be above the age of 62.

The Chief Inspector may require re-certification lifting machines, pressure plant, buildings etc, which have been certified by a competent person outside the State.

The Chief Inspector may revoke the certificate of competency if he has reason to believe that the competent person has violated any condition in the certificate, the tests etc. are carried out is an inconsistent manner, has acted wrongly or has omitted to act rightly etc. Types of qualification, experience and facilities at command may vary with types of competency required viz, for stability certificate, pressure plants, lifting machines, dangerous machines, ventilation systems, precautions against dangerous fumes, gas etc, ship-building and ship repair etc.

Section Description
28 lift & Hoist
29 lifting Machines, tackles
6 R 112 Structural Stability of building, plant
31 Pressure plant
36 Percussion against Dangerous Fumes
41, 112 Ship Building,Repair,Breaking
87 Ventilating System
21 Dangerous Machines
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